AeroHana Shelter

AeroHana Shelter


Aerodynamic shelters made to last summer after summer. Easily carry an AeroHana to the beach and provide enough shade for 4-6 people. Designed and assymbled in Shalimar, Fl. 

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 Welcome Home. 

Relentless Innovation

After years of replacing wind damaged canopies, we felt it was time for something new. We've built countless prototypes and poured hundreds of hours of testing into this patent-pending design to make sure we got it right. 

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Homemade Roots

We get some help sewing the canopies together now, but all base tubes are still cleaned, cut, drilled, sanded, and assembled  by hand right here on Florida's Gulf Coast. Each AeroHana has it's own unique story to tell.

Proven Feature Set


Durable Base Design

Carved from pressure rated, highly durable PVC pipe. All cut edges sanded to provide a smooth finish.


Rust Resistant Fittings

Stainless steel fixtures ensure a long life on the beach. Locking nuts prevent anything from coming loose. 


Multi-Use Dry Bag Anchors

Carries your canopy when packed up, anchors your shelter when deployed.


Heavy Duty Poles

Robust fiberglass and aluminum poles designed to flex under extreme conditions.


Additional Rear Anchor

Deployable rear strap and anchor for increased stability if needed.


Ripstop Nylon Canopy

Durable, waterproof and wind tested. These canopies are designed to last.


Set & Forget Straps

Simple strap adjustments that maintain their setting between uses.


No-Stick Cap 

Unique end cap connection designed for easy opening.


 See you on the beach!