Bring People Together 

With Epic Shelters 


Getting to the beach shouldn't be a logistics adventure. Sling an AeroHana over your shoulder and have both hands free for all your other toys.

Built to Last

No more broken joints and mangled metal frames. Our aerodynamic design is built to handle extreme winds. If it ever becomes too windy for your AeroHana... find an evacuation route.

True One Person Set-up

Our shelters are fully set-up on the ground before being rotated up and into the wind, making one person set-ups and take-downs a breeze. No staking necessary.

Room for the Whole Crew

Covering a roughly 8x10 foot area at a 6.5 foot standing height, an AeroHana provides enough shade for all your friends and family. An open design means fewer cables and poles to run into.

2020.10.24_SS1 (1).jpg
How it Works

Finding Balance

Our patent pending design works a bit like a seesaw. Its unique motion allows the shelter to dynamically absorb massive gusts without damage. In dangerously high winds AeroHana will even ground themselves. Only a small weight is needed. No stakes. No ground screws. No flying away.

Video 4 Safe Mode_Moment .jpg

Cutting The Wind

Block the sun, not the wind. By presenting a small cross-section  to the breeze, our sails can easily cut through the wind - allowing you to keep relaxing while your fellow beachgoers fight to wrangle their umbrellas and pop-up tents.


Ready For Any Condition

The counter-weight should always be pointed into the wind, but in the case of a shifting breeze every sail has a anchor cable built into the tail and comes with a spare sandbag. AeroHana are also waterproof and function just like a leaf in the rain.  

Made to travel with you. 
 High impact PVC case 
Shoulder carry design  
Multi use dry-bag anchor  
Promo Pic 2.jpg
Made to be shared. 
Open Design  
Huge shaded area  
No stakes or buried anchors  
Made to last. 
Extremely resilient configuration 
Highly modular design  
No fragile joints